Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our Last Few Days in the USA

On December 23rd, we celebrated Maria's 21st birthday. She is a junior at God's Bible College. We are so proud of her! The hardest thing about living in Mexico is leaving 1/4 of our little family behind.

We celebrated Christmas with my parents, Leonard and Janet Sankey, in Bedford, Indiana.

We said, "Good-Bye," to Maria and her great boyfriend, Joe Hough.

We loaded the Jeep clear to the ceiling. Kent barely had enough room to sit. :o)

And then we headed south.


Springer Family said...

I was thrilled to see that sign a few months ago as I'm sure you were! =)

Angie Davis said...

I had hoped we would get down to Bedford to visit before you left, but our prayers are with you as head back to Mexico!

sankey family said...

Neat pictures. Glad you're home where you belong. :-) Miss you, Maria and Joe.