Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting the Kids to College

On Tuesday, August 17, we arrived at God's Bible School and College to enroll both of our children. Maria is a College Senior in the Education Program and Kent is a Freshman in the Ministerial Program.

In the parking lot.

Kent by the Welcome Sign.

Kent, Maria and I on campus. I am holding my Skyline Chili cup. We had to take advantage of the opportunity to eat there while we were in the area. :o)

Left to right: My sister, Vonnie, me, Mom (in background) and Dad around the fountain. All of us attended this college, it's a family tradition.

Vonnie and I. So glad she was with me on this emotional day. She had just left her oldest, Heidi, at Ohio Christian University that morning. They live in Alaska, so they are even farther away, than we are in Mexico. :'(


Brenda said...

So glad Kent and Maria are both at GBS! I took their yearbook picture last Friday and they looked like they were doing really well!! :-)

The Dickinsons said...

Beth, I cannot imagine how hard that day was for y'all! We were glad to see your Dad and Vonnie for a few minutes. Sorry we didn't get to see the rest of y'all!

Vonnie said...

Sorry I didn't see these pictures sooner!! Love the way Maria's room looks after you all got it all decorated. (in the above post) That was a fun time together!!