Monday, July 26, 2010

Water Woes

When Hurricane Alex went through a few weeks ago, the lid to our water tank blew off. Because of that, the tank was full of debris and mosquito larvae, which I was finding in our showers, laundry, sinks, etc. Yuck! Steve got up on the roof, cleaned out the tank and replaced the lid.

He risked life and limb to get up there. The ladder we were using was not long enough to reach from the ground to the roof, so he had to prop it on the neighbor's wall. It was treacherous and since then we have purchased a bigger ladder. It was outrageously expensive, but I'd rather Steve was safe!

In order to clean out the tank, it had to be empty of water and by the time it was cleaned out, the city was not pumping water to our house anymore. We only get water a few hours a day, 4 days a week. So, we had to call a water truck to come and fill up our tank.

They took the water hose up their (safer) ladder right by our bamboo plants.

The truck looked a little rough, but I was grateful to have water again!


Lisa Messner said...

Good grief! I can't imagine climbing that ladder! I am scared to death of heights and rickety looking stuff!! Ha! Glad he made it safely through that whole experience, and so glad you guys have water again.

LaDonna Rae said...

WOW, didn't realize you were that close to Alex. I have a friend in the TX National Guard that was sent down for Alex...

That ladder looks scary & dangerous!!

Angie Davis said...

I would most certainly NOT be blessed by bugs and debris in the water! Glad you got it fixed and your husband is still in one piece.