Saturday, June 5, 2010

Senior Trip

After graduating, Kent and his cousin, Kenny, took a Senior Trip to Branson with their Dads. It was called a Senior Trip because the boys were Seniors in High School and the Dads are Senior Citizens. ;o)

They went to an outdoor drama, Shepherd of the Hills...

... the Sight and Sound production of Noah's Ark...

... and Silver Dollar City.

While they were there, they met up with Darrell II and family.
I'm fairly sure Branson will never be the same. :D


elizabeth said...

That's so cool they could do that! Nifty. :)
And while you're only fairly sure Branson will never be the same, probably others are very sure it will never be. :p hehe.

Lisa Messner said...

We went to Branson two years ago and saw "Noah" also. It was incredible! We are going to Lancaster, PA next week to see "Joseph". Can't wait!! We hope to go back to Branson next summer. I want to see Dino perform!

Can't believe both of your kids are grown now!! Where did the years go Beth?

The Going Blog said...

I'm jealous of the senior trip local. That is our families vacation stomping grounds growing up. Love the mountain air, mountain music and mountain food :)