Thursday, March 11, 2010


We are beginning to get some warmer temperatures here in Saltillo, Mexico... Not a minute too soon! :o)

Geraniums on our back patio.

Geraniums on our front balcony.

Bamboo, greenery, flowers and miniature roses in our teeny, tiny side yard.
It is desert here. It takes too much water to keep a large garden alive. I actually drained our tank watering the grass the other night. So, we went 12 hours without water. :/ I'll try not to do that again!! :o)


Janella said...

Beth, I love the balcony picture it looks like a postcard!! So glad the weather is warming up here too.

sankey family said...

pretty, pretty!

Janet Sankey said...

oh I love to see your pretty little's so neat. can't wait to see what Melodie's done and then get a chance to start on my spring/summer flowers.