Friday, February 27, 2009

Oaxaca - Part 4

Santa Maria church walls, decorated with children's material donated by Byron Gurnee's church. This church is made of adobe and has dirt floors.

San Gabriel Pastor, Desi, walking back from church.

New chapel in La Canada.

Home made from adobe and sticks.

Rev. Parker walking to church in La Canada.

Trudging up a steep path on the way to church in La Canada.

One mode of transportation.

Ladies praying at the altar. Most of the older women in Oaxaca wear large scarf-like head coverings to church.

Steps cut into the dirt, on the way to the church.

Rev. Parker walking to church in San Gabriel.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oaxaca - Part 3

Rev. Parker, Rev. Sankey and Mexico Bible Methodist Conference President Dolores Hernandez pray with the Pastor at Jayacatlan, Oaxaca.

Pastor's wife, Chele, and Pastor Alejandro with their gifts from Auburn Bible Methodist Church and study books, "Exploring Christian Holiness," provided by the Alabama Bible Methodist Conference/President Walter Hedstrom. A big "Thank You" to all who gave to these projects!

Dinner at the parsonage in Jayactlan.

Steve Stetler, Pastor Alejandro, Rev. Parker, and Dolores Hernandez at Jayacatlan church.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oaxaca - Part 2

The mountains overlooking the city of Oaxaca.

The street the parsonage is on and a crowded neighborhood on a hill.

Marc Sankey and John Parker at the parsonage.

Pastor Benito by his truck.

Pastor's wife Ana, and children.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trip to Oaxaca - Part 1

Steve, Marc and Dolores started their trip from Saltillo to Oaxaca, at the Monterrey, Mexico airport. There's not much to the airport, but it looks like there were plenty of police cars. :-)

Marc (Mexico Field Director) and Dolores (Conference President) waiting outside.

Dolores and Steve taking a break.

Monday, February 23, 2009

El Chivatito

A few days ago, we went to this charming little restaurant in Saltillo, Mexico to celebrate my birthday.

Tortilla soup.

Steak tacos and guacamole.

Appetizer/condiment platter.

Steak and baked potato, Mexico style.

Logan, Jordan, Melodie, and Marc Sankey; Steve, Beth and Kent Stetler; Cameron Sankey.

An outside view of the restaurant.

The cooks.

Rotisserie chicken and goat.

Rice, Enchiladas and beans.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day Flowers

I loved this arrangement, which Steve gave me on Valentine's Day. Roses, daisies and bird-of-paradise. Gorgeous! One perk of living in Mexico is reasonably priced flowers. :-)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kent's 17th Birthday

17 years ago at 4:30 a.m., an 8 pound, 4 ounce boy joined our family. Kent is a wonderful son, who brings a lot of laughter into our home. Happy Birthday, Kent!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Missionary Song

This song was used by missionary friends of ours for their Commissioning Service. With their permission, I am sharing it with you. I especially like stanzas 3-5.

Speed Thy Servants
by Thomas Kelly

Speed Thy servants, Savior, speed them;
Thou art Lord of winds and waves;
They were bound, but Thou hast freed them;
Now they go to free the slaves:
Be Thou with them, ’tis Thine arm alone that saves.
Be Thou with them, ’tis Thine arm alone that saves.

Friends, and home, and all forsaking,
Lord they go at Thy command,
As their stay Thy promise taking,
While they traverse sea and land:
O be with them; lead them safely by the hand.
O be with them; lead them safely by the hand.

When they reach the land of strangers,
And the prospect dark appears,
Nothing seen but toils and dangers,
Nothing felt but doubts and fears,
Be Thou with them, hear their sighs and count their tears.
Be Thou with them, hear their sighs and count their tears.

When no fruit appears to cheer them,
And they seem to toil in vain,
Then in mercy, Lord, draw near them,
Then their sinking hopes sustain:
Thus supported, let their zeal revive again.
Thus supported, let their zeal revive again.

In the midst of opposition
Let them trust, O Lord, in Thee;
When success attends their mission,
Let Thy servants humbler be:
Never leave them till Thy face in Heav’n they see.
Never leave them till Thy face in Heav’n they see.

There to reap in joy forever,
Fruit that grows from seed here sown;
There to be with Him, Who never
Ceases to preserve His own;
And with gladness give the praise to Him alone.
And with gladness give the praise to Him alone.

--Posted By David and Kristi Flinck to Chilejournal

A boy in a desert village, with a pair of shoes given by a US church to Bible Methodist Missions.

Young ladies in the village.

Reading Bibles donated by Mark Simmons of the Alabama Bible Methodist Conference.

Visiting outside their homes.

Cooking lunch.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Maria's 20th Birthday

This is a late birthday post.

Maria was born on December 23, 1988 and we brought her home on Christmas Day. What a great gift that was! She is a wonderful daughter and we miss her so much since she's away in college.

A few weeks ago, she, Joe and some of their friends went to see Ernie Haase and Signature Sound.

Here she is in her dorm room at GBS.

We are so glad she was able to celebrate her birthday here in Mexico with us, since she was home for Christmas vacation. I can't believe I am old enough to have a 20-year-old. ARGH! :-)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mexican Food

This is the real deal. Beans, rice, picadillo and cortadillo. This is what Mexican food is really like. It's not Taco Bell. :-)

3 different kinds of quesadillas.

And my personal favorite, carne guisada. Love it!