Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pictures from Steve's visit in the MidWest

He stayed one night in the parsonage in Ponca City, Oklahoma.

This is the pioneer church in Salina, Kansas.

The Ponca City, Oklahoma Bible Methodist Church.


Janet Sankey said...

Love your pictures and report of Steve's itinerary. I know he was busy but it's so good that he could visit those churches. Our prayers are with you all.

Vonnie said...

Enjoyed seeing the pictures of where Steve is/was. Love all the spring green! Looking forward to that coming soon to a state near me.... hahahaha!!

~Heather~ said...

Enjoyed seeing these pics from Steve's trip in Kansas. I recognize several of the people in these pics.

Have a great day in Jesus. =)

Ruth S said...

We so enjoyed having Steve in our home. Things were rather hectic and he had to kinda look after himself Hope you all can come next time nd we wil try to do beTTER. Of course the competition for your stay may be stiffer. So glad for the work you are doing. Francis is doing our VBS in June and Gracie told me when she was here that she hoped the next time they came she could go swimming and go to VBS like she did last summer. We are going to try to make it happen. They will be here while Darrell goes to Youth Camp. Ruth