Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Computer Died!

There may be a lack of blogging for the next several weeks. Our computer totally crashed. We will need to wait till our next trip to the US border, to see if we can fix it, or if it has to be replaced.

I don't think I'll be bored though. We're getting company! #1. Our daughter, Maria, is coming home from God's Bible School for Christmas. We can NOT wait to see her!! #2. Dad and Mom Sankey are coming for Christmas. #3. My sister, Vonnie (Sankey) Bryan and her husband and 6 kids are coming from Alaska. Since my brother Marc's family lives in our same neighborhood, that means we will all be together for Christmas for the 1st time in about 5 years. We are so excited!

Merry Christmas to all of you! May we always treasure the miracle of His birth.

"There's an end to all the waiting
There's an answer to the "who" and "where" and "why" ... tonight
All the years anticipating
Are surrendered to a tiny baby's cry
There's a dawn to follow darkness
There's a face to fill the title, "Prince of Peace."
What He promised He delivered
I am saved by the hand of sweet release."
-- Suzanne Jennings


Janet Sankey said...

Hi Beth,
I wondered what you were going to have to do about your computer. Bummer. I'm so sorry. We live in such a hi-tech age that it's terrible to have to be without your computer (necessities of life, huh?). Can't wait to see you. Love, Mom

~Heather~ said...

Sooo sorry about the computer troubles. NOT FUN!

Glad that your daughter gets to come home from college, and that your parents, and Andrew, Vonnie and family get to come, and that all of y'all, along with Marc and Melodie and family will get to be together. Sounds like a lot of fun!!

Tamra said...

Sorry about the computer trouble, but I hope you have wonderful Christmas! So glad your family will all be together. What fun!

Fultz Family said...

So sorry about your machine. We know what it's like. We just did that mess this past summer. How nice though, about your Christmas arrangements. I can sense that laughter and fun already and it makes me smile. Can't wait to share the laughter of our own here. In all things and no matter what, God is sooooo good. Have a blessed time together. And if you think of it in the midst of your activities, tell your mother and dad "hello" from the Fultzes. Our boys still call your dad, Papa Sankey!

Firefighter28 said...

Ah yes the sad face of the computer monitor as it does its little blue screen of death then disappears oblivious to what you need or want. HEHE. I know what that is like.I'm working on a customers computer who basicly has the same problem. Oh well more money for me.LOL. No seriously sorry for your troubles.Let me know if I can be of assistance. Tell Maria we said hi.

Jonathan Springer

Michele said...

Thanks for reminding me of that beautiful song. It is one of my favorites form the Gaither Vocal Band Christmas. I'll have to dig out my copy. Have a Merry Christmas and I'll look forward to the updates when your computer is fixed. ;o)

collette said...

That's a terrible predicament to be in...we've been there before also!

When Marc mentioned that you would have about 20 for Christmas, I figured you would all be together this wonderful! There is nothing that nourishes the heart like being with our loved ones. I know you're happy.

We'll see you this weekend, Lord willing!

Toots said...

It's so nice to hear your family will all get to be with you for Christmas! What a joy! I love the poem. Well, I suppose if the computer has to crash, it's a good time for it to happen, huh? Merry Christmas!

Ronda said...

Have a wonderful Christmas with your happy that you'll all be together! :)