Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our Saturday

We left Saltillo and crossed through these beautiful, desert mountains. We stopped at the top and took a picture of the valley below. You can see the road coming out of the brown valley near the center of the picture.

We stopped by the Balderas' home in San Rafael and dropped off items the Sankeys had collected to help with the children's ministries held in surrounding villages. The Balderas' have about 60 children attending their special services and told us they would like us to help them find a pastor to start a church, since several adults are now attending along with their children. What a wonderful opportunity!

Joe, Maria and Kent in the village of La Boca.

Blooming cacti.

Pretty orange cactus blossom.

We pulled off the side of the road to avoid running into this truck, with his big load of corn stalks.

It was so, so dry and dusty, there were many huge dust devils on the valley floor.

Kent, Joe and Maria eating beans, rice, picadillo and tortillas at Pastor Alejandro's in San Rafael.
Along with pastoring his home church in San Rafael, Pastor Alejandro is reopening the church in the tiny town of San Joaquin and is also holding services in the nearby village of La Navidad.

We passed these mountains on the southside of Saltillo, as we headed back home. We are so encouraged to see how God is working with Bible Methodist Missions in Mexico. Our existing churches are growing and then reaching out to new places and people with the message of the Gospel.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Break

Our daughter, Maria, and her boyfriend, Joe, were able to come visit us in Mexico for Spring Break. They landed in San Antonio at 10:30 p.m. and as soon as we had their luggage we headed for that great Texas institution - Whataburger! :-) It was a little much at that hour of the day/night, but, it had to be done. :-)

After a night of rest, we headed to The Alamo. Great historical site!

Maria and Joe at The Alamo. (I'm a poet!) ;-)

Our family at The Alamo.

Maria and Joe at Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Aduana/Immigration.

Joe getting his visa to enter Mexico.

Eating with Melodie, Marc, Logan, Cameron and Jordan Sankey in Saltillo.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Beautiful Sight

After our first rain of the year, (March 2009), we saw this gorgeous double rainbow in front of our house.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Accident in Saltillo

Monday afternoon, this tour bus was side-swiped by a semi on the highway heading out of Saltillo. 7 US citizens, 3 Canadians and the Mexican bus driver were killed. The drunk semi-driver is, of course, ok.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Going to Church and Eating in Oaxaca

Steps leading up the mountain, from the home where Steve stayed in Oaxaca City.

This trail, which has been cut into the side of the mountain, leads to the church.

These 3 sand bags, (the green one is breaking open), serve to bridge the gap between the stairs and the trail.

Steps leading from the home where Steve stayed to the street below.

Steps leading to the Bible Methodist Church in Oaxaca City.

Our fearless leader, Rev. John Parker, climbs the steps to church.

Green cactus, red chili peppers, Oaxaca cheese, onions and cilantro.

Chicken enchiladas, with black mole (that's moe-lay, a Mexican food, not mole, a burrowing mammal) :-), topped with cilantro, onion, and cheese (similar to feta).

Chicken broth, with cabbage, habanero peppers, mushrooms, onions, cactus and chicken.

Steve drinking coconut milk.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oaxaca City

These are scenes from Oaxaca City. It is a quaint, old town in Southern Mexico.

Above: Charming restaurant in an interior, but, open-air patio. Below: Beautiful hostess.

Stone streets, lined by older buildings in subdued tones on the left and colorful newer ones on the right, with the Sierra Madre mountains in the background

A large antique wooden door, framed in carved stone.

A military band prepares to play in the plaza.

An outdoor cafe.

Steve Stetler, Marc Sankey, and John Parker.

Tree-lined plaza and Spanish architecture.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

South Africa

My parents were invited to speak to the Kwasizabantu Conference in South Africa. Here are some pictures from their recent trip.

Dad speaking through an interpreter.

Dad and Mom in the conference sessions.

South African wildlife in Kruger Park.